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Lauren & Rick

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We did the photography and wedding film for Lauren & Rick’s festival wedding in Whitby. What a wedding! Lauren & Rick got married at the famous Whitby Church of Saint Mary, afterwards we walked down the steps to the beach for a few portraits before heading to Falling Foss for the reception. The reception had a rock & roll festival vibe with Rick’s band playing a blinding set which ended up in what can only be described as a wedding mosh-pit, beer and champagne flying.

Featured on Love My Dress ~

Meaningful moments between this deliriously happy pair have been captured within the summer glow of a town that means so much to them and the joyous party atmosphere seeps out from the images and can’t help but draw a smile.

“Craig was absolutely fantastic and we immediately fell in love with his relaxed, sun-kissed style of photography. We knew he would do our day justice.”

“His team, videographer Andy and his fiancé Alice, another photographer were equally as talented and lovely, they captured every shot we wanted without us really knowing what we wanted! They were friendly but efficient, and went way above the call of duty.”


Digital & 8mm Wedding Film

Photo Gallery
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Wedding Photographer –
Craig Goode
Wedding Cameraman – Andy Little
Film Editor – Craig Goode
2nd Shooter – Alice Bedford
Photo Editor – Abbi Goode & Craig Goode

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