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NCT Class ~ Final Day Baby Bumps

July 24, 2017

We’re about to have our first baby (exciting times!) so have been going to all sorts of baby evening courses to try and prepare as much as possible, the main one being an NCT course. We were blessed with a really lovely group of other expectant parents to hang out with and try and work out what you need to pack in your hospital bag (way more than I ever thought!).

I took my camera along to the final session after a little picnic outside in the sun (rudely interrupted by having to actually learn some stuff) I offered a little baby bump portrait of each couple. Just quick and natural by a tree a few steps away from the center the NCT was held. One of the baby’s was born the same night so I was so pleased that I had offered to document this amazing stage in these couples lives.

Next up babies! I’ve been asked to do my first baby shoot this Sunday and then you can be sure there will be tons when our little one arrives. If anyone wants a baby / child / family shoot get in touch, it’s an area of photography I’m new to even though I often photograph children and babies at weddings so will be exciting to explore.


and of course not forgetting the lovely Sally who was great at leading the NCT course…

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