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Andy & Alice ~ 35mm Film Wedding Photography

June 22, 2017

Just received the 35mm film I photographed at Andy & Alice’s Alnwick Treehouse wedding and Alnmouth beach day after shoot. Oh my, this is what it’s all about! When Andy & Alice booked me I put forward the idea of shooting a lot of film, more than I normally would and really pleased I did. Some of my favourite images ever in here.

These are from 3 different cameras, my main film slr, a Yamasheta 35mm which is known for overlapping frames and light leaks (and to make it worse/better I cropped it and it’s all held together with elastic bands) and a Minolta Weathermatic Dual 35mm which is a cheap underwater 35mm film camera.

These photos look better not compressed for the web where you can really see that lovely film grain but still,  I’m happy man sharing these 🙂



Trailer for film (8mm, digital & stop-frame) coming soon too :)…


These are rad!! So much love for the double exposures. Film still trumps all! 🙂

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