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We use a combination of HD digital and 8mm vintage film edited to music to create beautiful wedding films that capture your day. These aren’t the old-school hour long wedding videos your Auntie made you sit through that one time, these are beautifully crafted short films of your day.

There are three main options with our wedding films:

Photography + Mini Film ~ 

Currently my most popular package.
Filmed by Craig at the same time as doing the photography, these are shorter films that capture the spirit of the day but not full coverage. One roll of 8mm is included.

~ One roll of 8mm is included.
~ 1 Photographer / filmmaker
~ Short Edit (normally 2 songs)
~ Photography

Photography & Short Film Combined ~ £2000

Mini-Film Playlist

Photography + Full Film
Craig left to do the photography and another wedding videographer along for the ride (normally the brilliant Andy) to capture every detail of the day. Normally edited and graded by Craig to sit perfectly with the photos. The complete way to capture your wedding, photography, and film both complementing each other perfectly. Using the same guys for both photography & film works so well from keeping the same style to complement each other and also from the way we work with each other on the day.

~ One roll of 8mm is included.
~ 1 Photographer & 1 Film Maker
~ Long Edit (normally 3 songs)
~ Speeches where possible
~ Photography

Photography & Film Combined ~ £2700

Full Wedding Video Playlist

Craig, for the full day, focused on capturing your wedding beautifully, full edit (normally 3 songs) and shorter 1 song edit, plus where possible the speeches supplied un-edited in full with audio. Includes 1 roll of 8mm film but if in particular, it is the 8mm style you love we can chat about using more.

~ One roll of 8mm is included.
~ 1 Film Maker (an additional filmmaker can be added for £500)
~ Long Edit (normally 3 songs)
~ 1 song Edit
~ Speeches with audio where possible


Example Standalone Film


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